Remembering Joan Morton

Joan Morton Remembered

Wonderful mother- lovely family- a great credit to her.

Sincere- genuine- childlike but not childish.

Helpful- hard working- truly kind.

Caring- compassionate- a very good listener. Gifted counselor.

She helped me to qualify as a nurse, building my confidence greatly

and to risk the uncertain adventure of human love.

Hospitable- open house- always a welcome for everyone.

Fostered and encouraged many, many young people.

Great faith. Galway roots. Loved Galway. And also beautiful Howth.

Bore illness well. Kept going and never complained.

Was very determined to make most of life.

She had a hard life with many concerns borne with courage and wisdom.

Prayed. Quietly but consistently. Very stable personality.

Loved daily Holy Mass and the family Rosary

Deeply spiritual. And interested in all helpful spirituality.

Not narrowly religious. She had an expansive soul. Open to all humanity.

That is source of her great capacity for love and friendship.

Accepted husbands Peter’s death. A big setback.

Appreciated Peter’s own beautiful Christian faith and life.

Prayed hard for ecumenism. Was very united with Peter.

Christ’s greatest desire of unity among His children.

Worked hard to raise family. Developed her own talents eg. Painting.

Dedicated nurse. Loved her work though it could be difficult.

Knew her own limitations. Became more easygoing towards the end.

God rest her now. She deserves a rest.