remembering brian murphy of howth

Remembering Brian Murphy of Grace O Malley road, Howth (Spud’s son)

2020 was a big year for Brian. Liverpool won the League again after many years in the wilderness and the Covid plague struck. Mixed blessings.

Brian used to walk alone a lot around Howth. He used to drink in the woods near the Castle. His had his own wilderness journey, I suppose. A very harmless soul. Always pleasant and friendly. I always stopped and chatted to him. Regularly. He used to come to prayer meetings with me in Bayside in the 80s. His Dad spud Mick (Spud) Murphy was a great howth character too.  Mick was in a wheel chair in the end. He used to be always visible on the bike going about his gardening work. Another Howth legend, as indeed Brian was too, in a very humble, self deprecating way. God loves humble, gentle people. Deep poignant sadness envelops me now especially as United beat us two one on Sunday. Life can be cruel at times! Brian’s lovely mother, Marie, will miss him too.

“You will never walk alone” now, Brian. That is for sure.

At the end of the storm is a bright golden light

and the sweet silver sound of the lark