Remembering Antoinette

Antoinette (Lawlor) Kilkenny

A few words about Antoinette:

I remember Antoinette serving sandwiches and not having one herself.

The kindest of the kind.

I remember her bringing out nice china and serving me tea and cake when I called on a Sunday afternoon.

I thought I was someone special.

She was.

She was passionate about Jesus.

Passionate about Mass. And about Our Lady.

Passionate about Truth.

Her father, Tony, and her husband, Joe,

were also my friends.

They were like earth wires for the Power of Merciful Love

that poured through Antoinette.

She saved my life. Really.

How many young people did she help.

And help at a spiritual level. Fruit that will last.

I remember Antoinette when she got sick. So very sick.

Her dignity. Her desire to keep praying.

Her acceptance. Childlike gentleness.

She was gutsy.

She did not trust the people behind the EU empire building.

Though she Loved Pope John Paul 2nd

And his vision for Europe