Priests and religious I have known

Deceased Priests and Religious I have known and appreciated (20-3-2022)

A lot of our priests and religious are getting older. Many have died.

I knew many and they invariably had a very good influence on me. Very positive.

Very  wholesome. I don’t think I have really ever met a bad priest or religious.

Canon Liam Thackenberry, Fr Brian Kelly, Fr Paddy Culhane. Fr Ned Barry. These were heroes. I must be forgetting many. Since the 80s it has not been culturally popular to be a faithful Catholic.  These guys stuck to ministry though thick and thin. Tough times. What about the abuse of the clergy? The stick they all got.

And many Carmelites and Capuchins I knew too, hard to recall them all.

Fr Joseph Mc Ilhenny, Fr Godfrey. All the men who heard my confessions since 1979.  About 40 years of often monthly  confessions. Do the sums.

Since I first went as a troubled teenager to Canon Liam “so gentle and so good” as his gravestone says.  The Mc Caffrey brothers, Jimmy, Dessie and Eugene, Fr Philip Cryan

Great outstanding Divine Mercy priests like Fr George Kosicki and Fr Harold Cohen SJ and Fr Seraphim Mickalenko.  Bright lights. Fr Michael Ross SDB, Fr Kevin Scallon CM,  Fr Michael Moss, Fr Philip O Driscoll, Fr Gabriel Harty OP

And sisters and brothers too. Mam’s friend Sr Marcella, My Aunty Mary-nun, Sr Celestine,  Sr Marinus Mc Guirke, Sr Assumpta Mc Elduff

Cistercians, Fr Albert, Fr Raymond, Fr Ambrose, Br Alberic

It’s hard to remember everyone. So many great consecrated souls

Who could forget Br Aloysius Montgomery? What a man. Burning with devotion.

Fr John Jordan, also a Spiritan.

And Fr Declan Doyle, we won’t forget him either.  He did a lot of good in his time.

Their names are “written in paradise”