Saying goodbye to Ursula Foody

Saying Goodbye to Ursula (RIP 22-2-2222)

Erica told me that Ursula died today. She had been dying before but this time her time finally came. To be honest, it’s a happy release, as they say. Yet still sad.

I have many happy childhood memories of aristocratic ‘Auntie Ursula’ as we called her. And, for a while, I worked with Ursula and Erica in the Good Food cafe in Marlboro street before I qualified as a Pharmacy Technician in 1988. Both Ursula and Erica were very hard workers. Very diligent and thorough. Professional

Mam got on very well with Ursula. Two very strong and intelligent, good and kind Vincent’s ladies. I kept in touch with her over the years, when I was single.

Ursula liked me, as well as Mam, I think. Like Mam, Ursula was very straight. To the point of bluntness.  And I got on well with Erica too. Erica has been a loyal rock for Ursula whose personality could be a bit highly strung at times.

In recent years, I have brought Mam to visit Ursula in her nursing home near Lucan. It was good for Mam too to see Ursula more since Dad died.

Ursula’s nickname was ‘Dotty Crotty’. Her late husband was John Foody who I did not know very well. He suffered from depression a lot. Her other daughter is Tara who lives in London.

Ursula loved to talk. She was chirpy, to put it mildly. She worked as a hostess with Aer Lingus after finishing nursing training in St Vincent’s. Way back in the 50’s.

Erica is very bright too. In recent years, Ursula’s deafness made conversation not easy. Poor old Ursula has suffered a lot bravely. Erica has been very wise and patient too. It was not always easy dealing with strong-willed, determined Ursula.

Ursula was a woman of Faith too. The old fashioned kind. No nonsense.

With a insightful, critical mind too. Like my own Mam, no fool.

In the nursing home, they called her Lazarus because she recovered from near death so many times. A great soul.