Remembering Joe Mooney

Remembering Joe Mooney (RIP 8th January 2022)

I did not know Joe very well but I was somehow very fond of him. He prayed a lot in Churches i sometimes frequented eg bayside and kilbarrack and i often said hello to him and his wife Maureen. A very nice gentleman.

He always seemed a man of very deep and very humble prayer.

Michael O Connell remembered him from our Charismatic days with Fr Michael Hurley in Bayside in the 80’s. Rosaleen Slattery remembered him too. So did Phil Mullally. He made an indelible impression on you. Mysterious really.

It’s funny how just meeting someone on and off over 40 years in the context of prayer and church can form a relationship of love and deep respect.

I don’t think we ever exchanged more than a few words.

I just always liked him. He was a smiley man with gentle humour and calmness.

He was like St Joseph, his patron, in his silence and prayerfulness.

I suppose i will get to know him better when we meet again in heaven.

I believe he suffered a lot with his chest. He had that peaceful, serene look of people who suffer patiently and with Faith, Hope and acceptance.