George Dennis 1936-2022

Saying Goodbye to George (RIP 16-2-2022)

Thinking about George brings a warm smile into my mind.

He was one of those people who lit up our lives.

He meant a lot to me and to so many others.

They call them Dublin Characters. All unique.  All  original.

Matt Talbot with a sense of humour.

I really liked George. He always put the best side out as the old people do.

Oh Yes, he could drive you crazy. But that was part of his charm too.

He called Mary Magdalene “Mary Mc Dillon” and his great friend in the Capuchins was “Patrick Pio”. George suffered a lot in his life. He knew grief. Love is like that.

Manys a good chat and cup of tea we had together. Since Fr Price came to Kilbarrack 25 years  ago. George was really hilarious talking about Fr Price but he really loved Fr Cathal as we all do.

George used to say “I am not judgemental just observant”!

Betty will miss him. George did not make sense without Betty. A great couple.

What a beautiful person. My wife Maura loved Betty from first meeting.

She will go straight to heaven too. George said he would be happy when he got into purgatory. He took his Faith very serious and decried the modern paganism.

God comfort Betty.


ps I have lovely cds of George singing if anyone would like a copy, let me know