Appreciating Ethna Stewart

Remembering Ethna  (RIP 5-1-2022)

Ethna was a great woman to pray and she thought about everyone eg old, battle weary Mattie, living on his own in Grace O Malley road, Howth.

She was dedicated to Joe, her husband, and Glenn, her son, and her whole family.

She loved Our Lady and the Rosary and the Legion of Mary.

She loved Mass and adoration and the Divine Mercy. What great Faith.

I know, for sure, that she is in heaven now because she suffered so much. She cared so much. Mothers suffer a lot  for others, as Fr Aidan Carroll notes.

All her life Ethna battled with her nerves.  A big cross. Nobody knows….

This gave her great compassion and sensitivity. But she is not depressed now.

Her kindness was legendary eg visiting nursing homes, way beyond a call of duty

We have another great ally now with our friends and Howth characters ‘Upstairs’.

I know Ethna will continue to care about and love us from the mansions above.

There was a lovely childlikeness about Ethna that was very charming.

She was the old school and lovely in her quaintness and her gentle, simple humour, albeit a little wacky at times. So very lovable.

But she was also an outstanding, totally dedicated prayer warrior, tested in fire. Proven true. Gold in the furnace.

Very genuine and very sincere. And deeply intelligent with God’s Wisdom,

which is not human or worldly wisdom, it seems.

“God’s Wisdom appears foolishness” as St Paul says

Joe also has this great spiritual intelligence and deep goodness. The stuff of saints.

Ethna was a kind of real martyr in the sense of being 100% committed to Christ.