An amazing letter to my granny Matilda

The famous historic letter to Granny Matilda typed up (26-12-2021)

                                                                           St Colum’s  college


                                                                               July 7th 1931

Dear Mrs Sheeran,

You will think it strange to get a letter from me seeing that I was never speaking to you in my life except once when I bid you time of day. You will think it stranger still when you hear my story. Fr Mc Kenna tells me that you have been received lately into the Catholic Church and that you got married also to Mr Sheeran of the National bank who i know well.

Now I have been looking out this long time for your conversion and the reason is this: I have been praying for you almost every day for the past seven years. I began to pray for you on the night before you came to Feeny (before i even saw or knew who you were). Somebody told me that a young lady doctor was coming to Feeny to do locum for Dr Thomson. I don’t know why I did it but that night I began to pray for you. I continued to pray, saying short prayers two or three times in the day, during the time you were  in Feeny. When you left Feeny (it was in August 1924), I stopped praying for you because I was going to Lourdes myself that year and I said to myself I will wait till I go there. I tell you candidly that I felt terribly unhappy during that time when I was not praying for you. When I arrived in Lourdes I went straight to the Grotto of Our Lady and the first prayer I said was for you and I cannot describe how happy I felt. Ever since, I never missed a day, perhaps one, that i omitted praying for you. Besides I was in Rome the following year 1925 and i said Mass for you at St Peter’s tomb in St Peter’s church. On the 15th August, in the following year, I said Mass for you again and included you several time in commemorations in Masses, I never forgot to pray for you and will continue. I am exceedingly glad therefore to hear you are now a Catholic and I am glad too you got married to a good, decent, respectable boy. May you live long and happy together. May God protect you and Mary always pray for you. All I ask in return is that you say a little prayer every day for me.             B. Mc Namee cc