Fond Memories of Maura Crowley RIP

Fond Memories of Maura Crowley RIP (16-11-2021)

Fr Price’s sister in London, Maura, was one of the staunchest supporters of the Divine Mercy Conference, especially in the early days.

We all loved her. As Loretta said “She was really lovely”

We were all very fond of Maura, older sister of Fr Cathal.

What happy memories when she would come over for the Conference and stay with Fr Cathal. In Balgaddy and in Kilbarrack.

She had her share of trouble. Some bitter grief. We prayed for her and her family in London and she prayed for us in Dublin. She was one of the gang, it seemed.

Maura always seemed to be smiling and cheerful. There was a lovely simplicity about her but she had great common sense and genuinness

She supported Fr Cathal very well. It was not always easy to put on the Conference. Her husband was Tim. I think he died a few years ago.

I did not really know Tim. Her beloved son was Michael.

I used to ring Maura now and again to keep in touch. We did not see her recently but we will never forget her.

Her funeral Mass in London was on Friday December 10th. We all tried to join in online but the technology failed us. C’est la vie.

Fr Price bravely made it to London, God bless him, despite the threat of Covid.

Love had the last word…..