Appreciating Mrs Bernie Quinsey RIP

Happy Memories of Mrs Quinsey

I used to call into Mrs Quinsey in Turret road when I lived in Balgaddy (South Lucan) in the 90’s.

She always made me very welcome. Like a VIP.

She was lovely really

She had a great relationship  with Jimmy, her husband,  who  I really liked too.

God help  him now.

It’s a long time ago and I am sorry to say I lost touch a bit with Joe and Turret road.

When I got married I did not have as much time for visiting or keeping up with friends.

But a vivid  bright light shines in my mind when I think of Bernie, as Mrs Quinsey was called.

I can see her always smiling  and caring so much about everyone as mothers do.

A beautiful, sensitive and intelligent soul.