Appreciating Mary Hurley

Appreciating my good friend, Mary (Pat) Hurley

I got very emotional tonight when Robbie told me his Ma had died.

She  meant a lot to me. She prayed a lot for me. One of my pillars.

Mary was really a character. We had some great laughs

She suffered a lot and so much that many people couldn’t really believe it.

It seemed that she liked being sick because she was sick so often.

Still she had her little smoke and her little contented house and her beloved family, heartbreakingly complicated as all Irish families are, it seems

She loved Our Lady. Boy, did she.

She ended up right next door to the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Rowlagh. How fitting.

She might be called St Mary Pat of Rowlagh.

But she could be a divil and drive you mad too.

How truly loveable was Mary.  How human. How caring. A strong heart of love.

How we will miss her. Mary really helped me a lot.

I will miss her total genuiness and almost extreme dedication to God

and her quaint womanly ways too.

A  very intelligent lady. So proud of her children.