Thinking about Euthanasia

Why is Euthanasia not the best way?

I have had to put down two beloved dogs in the last six years. Hank and Marley.

I have seen many patients die in my over twenty years of nursing/caring.

You never get used to this. It’s very sobering.

I am not very good at ethics.  I only got 40% for my TCD essay in 2012 on why withdrawing fluids at the end of life can be actually ok. I needed 50% to pass!

My own mother has steadily progressing dementia and I know only too well how that can end up.  I watched Liz lying for ten years like a vegetable in bed but she was not a vegetable to Sue who visited her beloved mother devotedly every evening. This is love. This is humanity. How moving.

So what am I saying? I am just saying that I am not an expert.

I can’t argue philosophy like David Quinn so ably can, God bless his courage.

But I don’t think ‘mercy’ killing is a good idea. Or assisted suicide, either.

I think good palliative care is needed. And I know it’s not easy.

I know prayer is needed a lot at the end of life. I believe in heaven and hell.

I believe some souls need Jesus’ mercy when they are dying.

I suppose we all do, really.  How vulnerable we all are and all will be………

I can understand Robin Williams killing himself when he was diagnosed with Lewy-Body dementia. I would not blame him.

I know people get very worked up about euthanasia as they do about abortion.

I know there are horror stories. I know that dying people can suffer.

But I still don’t think euthanasia is a good idea.

Don’t ask me to explain this in theological terms. Or in legalities.

It’s more of a gut instinct with me.

Just as I know that full term abortion is very wrong. We all do, really.

Humanity is a funny and mysterious thing.

We have great dignity and deep soul and yet we are all very weak.

At least I know I am. We are easily bewildered. Easily bamboozled.

Though I do hope to die myself with real dignity, please God.

I lost two good friends in the recent 2018 abortion debate

(though we are back being kind of friends again now, thank God)

I may lose friends in this current euthanasia debate too.

But you have to try to be honest. Even if you are a bit simple like me.

Although few people seem to be bothered enough even to discuss it.

The ‘needle’ will probably come in soon to Ireland due to apathy.

And maybe due to lack of understanding? To emotional confusion.

People think there is no point arguing with the all powerful secular atheistic media. They who try to control our lives. To buy our souls.

But there is. Naming your own truth is important. For our own conscience.

“To thine own self be true” as Shakespeare put it.

That is what I have tried to do in this short piece.

I don’t like controversy. I don’t like getting worked up like Joe Duffy does.

Life is sacred. Life is holy. It’s a gift of God. Love is eternal……

As Richard Rohr puts it so well: “We are not human beings having a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.”