HOPE – a poem by alexis valdes (cuba)

                                                 HOPE by alexis valdes (cuba)

When the storm has passed…and the crowds are tamed
And we are survivors…of a collective shipwreck
With tearful heart…our destiny blessed
We will feel joy…simply for being alive

And we’ll give a hug…to the first stranger
And praise our good luck…that we kept a friend.
And then we’ll remember all that we lost
And finally learn…everything we never learned.

And we’ll envy no one…for all of us have suffered
And we’ll not be idle…but more compassionate .
We’ll value more what belongs to all…than what was earned
We’ll be more generous…and much more committed

We’ll understand how fragile …it is to be alive
We’ll sweat with empathy…for those still with us and those who are gone.
We’ll miss the old man…who asked for a buck in the market
Whose name we never knew…who was always at your side.

And maybe the poor old man…was your God in disguise
But you never asked his name…because you never had the time
And we’ll all become a miracle…and all will become a legacy
And we’ll respect the life…the life we have gained.

When the storm passes…I ask the Lord, in shame
That you return us better…as you once dreamed us.

details of conference 2021

Dear Apostle of Mercy,

On behalf of the Divine Mercy Conference Committee, we wish you all the joy and peace of Christ in the year ahead. Thank you for your prayers, faithfulness and hard work in spreading the message of Divine Mercy and attending the annual conferences over the last 30 years. We wish to invite you to this year’s conference on the 19th, 20th and 21st February 2021 which will be broadcast online through our website free of charge and also on churchservices.tv. It will also be available (audio only) on www.RadioMaria.ie, via your TV on Saorview 210 or dial up listening service 01 4373277. The theme of this our 30th Conference is: For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory (Mt. 6:13).

The speakers over the weekend are: Sr. Briege McKenna, Healing ministry, Conference Speaker and author; Fr. Hayden Williams, OFM Cap, Healing ministry and preacher; Fr. Columba Jordan C.F.R, Healing ministry and Retreat Director; Fr. Brendan Walsh, SCA, Retreat Director, Healing Ministry and Conference speaker; Rev. Dr. Eunan McDonnell, SDB, Provincial of the Salesians (Ireland) and Spiritual Director to the Conference Committee; Fr. Eamonn McCarthy, Director Radio Maria; Aoife Pedreschi, ER nurse; Christy May, Legion of Mary member who will share his testimony of conversion.

As apostles, we have a special task of interceding with Jesus for our parish, our country and the whole world. Never was prayer needed as much as it is now in the midst of the current pandemic where ill health, lockdowns and economic hardship have placed a huge burden on individuals and families across the globe.

Given the current restrictions of not being able to attend Holy Mass in public, it is hoped that this year’s conference will support all of you in your prayer life and in living the Gospel. The key message for this conference is one of hope and healing. Our theme reminds us that God is in charge and is asking us, through St. Faustina, to trust in Him. Trust, the opposite of fear, encourages us to rely totally upon the Saving Truth, who is Jesus. Jesus has no hands, but ours; no feet, but ours; no mouth, but ours, especially in the current climate of hardship. So, as apostles, our role in the world has never been more essential than it is now. Our mission is to pray for Divine Mercy in every heart, in every home, in every parish, in every county, in every country. Please pray the Chaplet and the Rosary for the conference, the Church and the world.

We invite you, as Divine Mercy Apostles, to make a special effort to:

  1. Tell others, especially young people, to listen in to this year’s conference
  2. Publicize it by posters, on local radio stations, your websites, local newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Texts, word of mouth, email or by whatever way you can. Please include the Conference timetable (printed on the other side of this letter) when communicating this to your friends.

The conference will be available completely free of charge at www.divinemercyconference.com. However, if you would like to donate towards the costs of the conference please do so through the ‘DONATE’ button on our website or by sending your donation to 22 Castle Grove, Clondalkin, Dublin D22Y2W9. We again thank you for all your support throughout the years and look forward to your virtual presence online at this year’s Conference. May Jesus the Divine Mercy bless you a thousand-fold for all your work.

Yours in the Merciful Jesus

Deacon Don Devaney, Chairman  

 Rev. Dr. Eunan  McDonnell SDB Spiritual Director