The 29 Divine Mercy Conferences in the RDS + two online

The 29 Conferences of  the Divine Mercy  in the R.D.S. Dublin so far plus two online

1992    “Mercy our Mission” – (John 8:1-13)

               Fr. George Kosicki  (now RIP) and Fr. Seraphim Michalenko

                  and Maureen Digan and Ugo Feste (testimonies)

1993    “Who is my neighbour?” – (Luke 10:25-37)

               Ted Hanley (, Texas, USA)

                  and Fr. Harold Cohen S.J. (New Orleans- now RIP)

1994     “Come back to Me” – (Luke 15:11-32)                                  

               Ted and Ellie Hanley together and Fr. Bob Faricy S.J. (ex-Rome)

1995      “Come, Follow Me ”   (Mark 1:18)                           

                Sr Briege Mc Kenna, Fr Kevin Scallon CM (now RIP), Archbishop Des Connell

1996       “Be merciful as your Father is Merciful” – ( Luke 6:36)

                 Fr. George Kosicki (U.S.A.), Frances Hogan and Shane O’ Doherty

1997       “His Mercy never ends” – (Lamentations  3:22)

                 Fr. Damian Ryan and Fr. Jimmy Mc Caffrey O.D.C.

                   (St Therese, Doctor of the Church) and Marian Carroll ( testimony)

1998       “Take heart, rise up, He is calling you” – (Mark 10:46)   

                  Fr. Pat Martin (U.S.A) and Sr. Consilio (Cuan Mhuire)

1999        “I thank You, Father” – (Matthew 11:25-30)

                 Fr. Pat Collins C.M. and Fr. Adrian Farrelly O.P.

2000        “This is my beloved Son, Listen to Him”– (Mark 9:6)      

                  Bishop M Drennan, Sr. Stan Kennedy, Gerry Duff, Carol Donohoe

2001        “Seek Me…. always” – (Amos 5:4)       

                 Mother Tessa Bielecki and  Stanley Villavicencio, Val Conlon

2002       “Whatever you did to the least, you did it to me”- (Matt 25)

                Sr Briege Mc Kenna O.S.C., Fr Kevin Scallon CM , Bishop Jim Moriarty

2003 “What I want is Mercy, not sacrifice” – (Matthew 9:13)

                 Sr. Siepak/Sr. Salvatrice, Fr. Thady Doyle and John Pridmore

2004       “When I am weak, then I am strong” – (2 Cor 12:10)  

                  Fr. Peter Prusakiewicz C.S.M.A. and Frances Hogan

                      John Lonergan and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin  

2005       “This is My Body” – (Matthew 26:26) 

                Cardinal Des Connell, Sr. Consilio, Fr. Peter Mc Verry, Gerry Duff

2006 “Be it done unto me according to Your Word”- (Luke 1:38)

            Sr. Donata (reading Sr. Alicja Zelmanska’s lessons), Bishop Ray Field

                 Fr. Gabriel Harty O.P. and Fr. Aidan Troy (C.P.), Fr John Harris

2007  “My Kingdom is not of this world”- (John 18:36)

AB D. Martin, Anne, lay apostle, Fr. Vincent Travers , Fr. Killian Byrne

2008  “That they all may be one…”– (John 17:21)

                Theresa Bonopartis, Fr Matt Mauriello, Brendan Gleeson (all from USA)

                   Fr Brendan Purcell, Eddie Stones (Clonfert) and team

2009  “His Mercy is from age to age…”(Luke 1:50)

  Bishop Eamonn Walsh, Fr Patrice Chocolski (France),

  Anne, lay apostle, Fr Bob Faricy SJ (USA)

2010 “Go… make disciples of all the nations”– (Mt 28:19)

Fr Michael Maher, Fr Bob Faricy SJ, Joan Freeman (Pieta house), Fr Ciaran O Carroll, Heidi Gilroy, Dr Branca Paul

2011 “Remain in My Love” – (John 15:9)

Bishop Martin Igwe Uzoukwu (Nigeria) , Sr Caterina Esselen OLM,

Fr Pat Martin (USA), Fr Kevin Doran, Fr Adrian Farrelly & Michael Donnelly      

2012 – “They have no wine”(John 2 : 3) 

Heidi Gilroy, Fr Kevin Doran,  David Pawson (UK), Dr Mark Miravalle (USA), Fr Jack Finnegan SDB

2013 – “Behold your Mother” – (John 19)

Fr Michael Gaitley MIC (USA), Fr Damian Ryan (Limerick), Maeve Carlin, Maura Garraghy, Ronan Mullen, (Fr Price retired after this year’s event)

2014 – “Our Father, Thy will be done”

Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP (UK), Fr Peter Prusakievizc CSMA, Bishop Diarmiud Martin, Christy May, Fr Emmet O Hara, Fr Eamon Burke, Fr Michael Ross SDB (new Spiritual Director of the Conference Apostolate), Fr Pat Collins CM

2015 – “Forgive us our trespasses”

Sr Briege Mc Kenna OSC and Fr Kevin Scallon CM, Fr Joe Mc Donald, Philip Ryan with Fr Michael Ross SDB (Spiritual Director)

2016 – “As we forgive those who trespass against us”

Fr Pat Collins CM, Sr Briege Mc Kenna OSC, Fr Kevin Scallon CM, Sr Consilio, Frances Hogan, Philip Ryan, Fr Michael Ross

2017  “Have mercy on us and on the whole world” – (from the Diary of St Faustina)

Robert Stackpole (USA), Fr Michael Maher SM, Fr Bernard J Mc Guckian SJ, Frances Hogan, Denise Kelly (Pro Life Campaign), Fr Michael Fitzgerald (Cork), Fr Brendan Walsh SCA, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

2018  “Courage, It is I, do not be afraid”

Ralph Martin (USA), Magnus Mac Farlane Barrow (Mary’s Meals, Scotland), Fr Sean Kelly OFM Cap, Fr Paschal Mc Donnell OFM, Fr Eunan Mc Donnell, Don Devaney, Caroline Simons, Emma Maloney, AB Diarmuid Martin (Dublin), Bishop Eamon Walsh, Fr Tim Bartlett (WMOF)

2019 “Let us not be put to the test”

Fr Hayden Williams OFM (cap) Malta, AB Jude Thaddeus Okolo, papal nuncio, Niamh Ui Bhrian, Life Institute, Fr Pat Collins CM, Fr Eunan Mc Donnell SDB, Deacon Don Devaney, Fr Brendan Walsh, pallotine, Fr Patrick Cahill, Holy Family Mission

2020 “Deliver us from evil”

Fr Peter Glas (Poland), Fr Pat Collins CM, Maria Steen (Iona), AB Eamon Martin, Armagh, AB Diarmuid Martin, Dublin, AB Jude Okolo, Nuncio, Fr Brendan Walsh SCA

2021 Feb 19th/20th /21st  ONLINE

with Sr Briege Mc Kenna, Fr Hayden Williams, Fr Brendan Walsh, Fr Eunan Mc Donnell and Fr Columba Jordan and Don and Claire Devaney and Archbishop Dermot Farrell

2022 Also Online February 25th/26th/27th at WWW.DIVINEMERCYCONFERENCE.COM

Divine Mercy Conference Speakers that i have appreciated (1992 to 2022)

Sr Consilio stands out as one of the best women speakers we had as well as Theresa Bonopartis (USA). Carol Donohoe gave a brilliant testimony in 2000. Frances Hogan was also inspiring. And Heidi Gilroy and Joan Freeman. And Mother Tess Bielecki and lay apostle, Anne.

Jesuit Fr Bob Faricy (USA) has to be my all time favourite male speaker though I loved the great humanitarian John Lonergan too. Fr Pat Martin (USA) was also really amazing and the ever resilient Fr Gabriel Harty and the late great Fr George Kosicki (USA). I loved Fr Harold Cohen from New Orleans too, God rest him.  A beautiful gentleman. And of course, Fr Seraphim Michalenko too. Gerry Duff spoke very well. And Val Conlon. I loved Fr Liam Lawton too. The music of Robbie Hurley and friends has been a constant inspiration. My old faithful pal and supporter, George Dennis, noted recently that Robbie was the one who ‘lights the spark’ in the RDS. I have listened over and over to all Fr Cathal Price’s talks. They still never fail to move me. There is a huge depth of Mercy and Love to them. He visibly grew in Faith and devotion as the years progressed and became more Marian as, in fact, we all did. Cardinal Connell got two standing ovations as did Sr Briege Mc Kenna (who spoke again brilliantly in 2015 and 2016) and, of course, all the lovely, prayerful Sisters from Poland

Eg Sr Alicja Zelmanska, founder of the Faustinum, with Sr Elizabeta Siepak.

And who can forget Bishop Martin Uzoukwu? Archbishop Diarmuid Martin gave excellent talks several times and I enjoyed Bishop Martin Drennan 2000 and Ray Field. Their sense of humour helped.

Fr Bob and John Lonegan also had that great and gentle gift as had Fr Gabriel. Some of Fr Cathal’s jokes were good but some were really desperate. Don Devaney always excels in this regard too. His Thank Yous are always memorable and his moving Stations during the Reconcilation time.

Fr Brendan Purcell likewise and Fr Vincent Travers OP, Fr Aidan Troy, Fr Peter Mc Verry SJ, lively Fr John Harris OP and Fr Adrian Farrelly OP who spoke twice and very movingly.

There is no need to mention the few speakers who failed to ignite though they were memorable in some ways too. Language translation was sometimes a big barrier.

This reflection is only the tip of an iceberg of great quality teachings. Many of the personal testimonies have gone down really well eg Christy May 2014, Nashville singer Collin Raye, Texan ‘Good Guy’ Ted Hanley and the incredible Derryman Shane O Doherty, God bless him now. Br Stanley Villavicencio was mind blowing too and Fr Michael Gaitley (USA), Fr Michael Ross SDB and Marist Fr Michael Maher were excellent too and the bould Fr Thady, the Wexford spiritual revolutionary, and of course the urbane, if controversial, intellectual, Fr Timothy Radcliffe and the ‘Steady Eddies’ Fr Kevin Scallon and Fr Peter Prusakiewizc OSM and the charismatic Fr Pat Collins CM (who spoke brilliantly again in 2016) and Carmelite Fr Jimmy Mc Caffrey ODC  in 1997 (St Therese’s Year)

Robert Stackpole (USA) proved in 2017 to be a lovely man and easy to understand.

The 27th Conference in 2018 was a great success albeit with smaller numbers, Magnus Mc Farlane Barrow was the big hit. Fr Sean Kelly OFM (Cap) was really excellent too as was Bishop Eamon Walsh.

The Pro Life speakers Caroline Simons and Emma Maloney were very good too. As was AB Diarmuid Martin who has been a very faithful supporter.

Fr Tim Bartlett spoke livelily well about the World Meeting of Families and the Pope’s visit. Fr Eunan did a lovely job on the Saturday night healing service and his brother Fr Paschal OFM from Rossnowlagh did the Sunday Holy Hour.

The new Archbishop of Dublin in 2021, Dermot Farrell, spoke very well and thoughtfully.

Welcome on board to him and God bless him