St Faustina strikes again

St Faustina Strikes Again (5-10-2020)

There is really nothing as headwrecking as technology. Not even a nagging husband or a poor person with agitated dementia asking the same question again and again.

But St Faustina saved my sanity on her now official feast day October 5th. Next door to St Francis. It’s a bit of a long story but it’s worth telling, I think.

I am putting up this website, please God, called to archive all about the 29 Conferences of Divine Mercy that we had in the RDS since 1992 and all our friends who have gone to heaven. Great characters. A great story

I ok-ed all this with Deacon Don Devaney yesterday at Peadar Reilly’s funeral in Balgaddy (The Parish of Divine Mercy) where the Conference Story began (Betty’s husband)

Don blessed us with St Faustina’s relic after Communion.

Anyhow, without getting too technical, I got my domain registration company HOST.IE and my website hosting company WORDPRESS to organise uploading our new website to the world wide web and I waited 72 hours as you have to.

But nothing happened. So I contacted HOST.IE by ‘LIVE CHAT’. A kind of texting conversation by computer. They were very helpful, a nice girl called Elsa, and she advised me to contact the WORDPRESS Helpline again, which I did. Born Free!

My wife, Maura, by this time of the evening, was doing her nut as she need to get baking with Pauric in the kitchen, for his school homework, where I was totally  absorbed in my Live Chat with Word Press. Then the Indian guy I was chatting to online, Gutyathri, I think it was, God bless him, suggested that I look in my spam folder for the confirmation e mail which I had needed to respond to which was what was holding up everything. The changes had to be validated by HOST.IE, you see.

I found it, thank God, despite Maura hounding me out of the kitchen! And so now I am waiting another 72 hours but this wednesday is Our Lady of the Rosary so I am hopeful we will be up and running tomorrow. The Rosary gives you great confidence (if you can’t stand the heat……).

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