He Cares

He Cares

A woman was caught in adultery (John 8)

The hardline critics wanted to stone her

Jesus sighed deeply, from the depth of His Sacred Heart, and said:

“My friend, has no one condemned you?”

“Neither do I.”

But I am sure she sinned again

We all do…..

And we all have those rocks in our hearts

At least, I know I have.

That is why, this Mother Mary’s May, beautiful May,

I really pray we save the 8th

because Ireland now needs Loving Mercy

like never before,

even rapists need forgiveness,

Let’s make poor old Pope Francis welcome

He really cares and says “Who am I to judge?”

“Choose Mercy”

A Moment after Midnight

A Midnight Moment

Waking at midnight

The blizzard was howling outside

I thought of dying souls out there

A time of Mercy we will all need

Someone is rushing desperately in a busy blue-lit yellow ambulance

along treacherous white roads to hospital

No D Doc tonight

Our back garden is blanketed deep in clean white snow

The dogs are restless and bored

They have been cooped up too long now in the house


Lighting a fire, I sat and thought comfortably

Gazing into the flames of home made Love

Making a hot cup of tea

and something nice to eat

Something simple and Lenten

Storm Emma is wildly asserting herself now

Probably, another homeless man will be found in the morning


But, as Dad would say,

“It will all blow over”