On occasion of Dad’s month’s mind

Some More of Dad’s Famous Sayings (13-1-18)

“We don’t thank God enough”, “Be a big man” (ie broad-minded)

“God is good. The morning offering can be enough”, “Keep it simple”

“Life is real, life is earnest…..”, “Don’t take life too seriously”

“For today, today’s troubles are enough”, “Honesty is the best policy”

“Tomorrow will take care of itself”, “Providence” (Trust in), (= The Answer),

“Don’t trouble trouble, until trouble troubles you”

“Don’t sweat the big stuff” (paraphrase), “Mind yourself”

“Virtue is in the mean”, “The middle way”, “Live and let live”

“Too far East is West”, “Avoid extremes”, “Moderation in all things”

“Don’t do too much”, “Get enough rest”,

“Give your head a rest”, “Don’t be ‘scratching’ yourself” (mentally)

“Enjoy life”, “Easy does it”, “Go easy”,

“Always do the right thing”, “Just do your best”, “Don’t try too hard”

“Does it really matter?” (paraphrase), “Is it really that important?”

“The Man that made time made plenty of it”

“Don’t worry about money. Be detached” – (paraphrase)

“Don’t be proselytising”, “Practice what you preach. Just give good example”

“Do not let your right know what your left is doing”

“Keep your religion personal not public” (modesty)

“Non argumentum de gustibus” = (No point arguing about matters of taste)

“Lord, help me today to help everybody

and harm nobody” – (part of Dad’s Morning Offering)

(Tom Wickham’s Great Wisdom to be continued on into New Year 2018)

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