A very memorable evening

We got the vigil mass of Sunday in Rathmullan and headed north along the coast, a very scenic drive into the wilds of Donegal. Thank God for such a good and reliable car. A few loose sheep cropped the edges of the hilly parts of the road which twisted and turned. My uncle Charlie had recommended a spin up to Port Salon and, boy, was he right. Thank God for old pals. We arrived at the golf club restaurant open to all and sat down comfortably to a delicious meal in the spacious lounge buzzing with happy holiday makers in friendly mood. The service was pleasant and speedy. The views overlooking the beach were spectacular. Then we parked and went for a lovely long walk on the beach with its orangey-yellow sand and quietly lapping waves slipping in off the Atlantic Ocean. A beautiful expanse. So open. Wild and surrounded by rugged hills upon which the sunset light played. Amazing horizons that lead your tired eyes away into the distance. Almost a different planet to Dublin City and it’s traffic, dirt, pollution and crime. The Observer newspaper called this the second most beautiful beach in the whole world and that is saying something. The sound of the sea is calming and soothing to ears bombarded with electrical sounds so constantly. A healing balm for the soul. Music for the inner spirit. All tranquil as night started to gently fall and we made for home contented and rested deep into our bones. I felt overcome by the rich beauty and shed a tear of emotion that God could bless my little family in such a special and deeply moving and memorable way. Inspired to gratitude we sang that old song as we drove along “I’m on the top of the world and looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find is the love that I have found…..”

I resolved again to keep on serving my God who shows His intimate personal love for us so splendidly in nature in such magic moments of near paradise. The soft air was so fresh and all was clean and pure. Salted by the rough winter weather to prepare the glory of a summer evening I will never forget.


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