Book Recommendation

Can I recommend a book by Sr Consilio called ‘The Harbour Within’



Check it out

One i will keep for moments i need a little light

A Keeper, as they say

(I have bought 8 copies already for friends @ 17 euro each,

but i feel its money well spent)



Dear friends,

There is so much going on.

One teacher of meditation said

our minds are like trees full

of chattering monkeys.


What should we think about?

Maybe just to thank God for the nice May sunshine.

And the odd sup of summer rain.

Easy to take things for granted


Upcoming Launch July 1st Saturday 3pm

Saturday July 1st in Baldoyle Library upstairs from 3pm to 4.30pm

A bit of SIMPLE craic to promote my light-hearted charity cd PAUL’S PARTY PIECES

All donations to TROCAIRE or charity of your own choice

If anyone would like to read a poem or sing etc on the day let me know at or phone 0872999241

I don’t think we will be able to make much big noise however melodic

but it’s as good an excuse as any to meet friends and chat…..

The library room upstairs has an mind expanding view of the estuary and Ireland’s Eye

and mind blowing tea and coffee elixirs and chocolate bikkies may be available too

(Paddy from Howth is hoping for sandwiches!)

BIG THANKS to the very busy Paul Daly and Eoin of Eist Recordings for kindly producing a limited 2017 edition of these classic 1999 songs/covers


As George Bernard Shaw once said to a local lad trying to get a Howth parish newsletter off the ground many moons ago (pre pre vatican 2)

“Ireland’s Eye is upon you!”

easter poem 2017

Looking into the fire


Four briquettes and a chunk of firelighter makes a lovely blaze,

Mass sung on the tv and Lyric fm like a babbling brook in the kitchen,

our highly insecure little Pom tries to relax on the colouredy rug

in front of the stove but poor Marley is just too highly strung

and yaps up startingly at some noise outside


Jesus, we are all on edge.

We need the daily porridge of prayer to settle us down

as the warm red fire slowly settles

until we get the blessing…..

The biblical “Shalom”


(Paul T Wickham RGN –