YOU TUBES of some songs

If you You Tube ‘Paul T Wickham’

you will find a collection of various songs i recorded very simply on our family Ipad

over the last few years

including some originals (of my own composition)

The quality and sound varies greatly but some are not too bad, i hope

If some seem a little tired and sad then they may be from post my ten year Dementia/ Psychiatric Care Ward Nursing phase which was always not so lively (ie up to 2015)

It is interesting to compare them with my more light hearted PAUL’S PARTY PIECES cd

which is from way back in 1999 when I was known in JCM General Hospital, Blanchardstown as the ‘Singing Care Assistant’ (then age 36)

My voice has deepened since then.

On the other hand, some of my most hilarious and liberating live concerts/sing songs were in the setting of care of people with dementia and their often broken-hearted families

Happy you who mourn, you shall be comforted” – (Matthew 5)

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